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The National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal, (NACEUN) is a national federation of Community Electricity User Groups. Since its establishment in 2005 under the NGO registration act, NACEUN has grown into a strong network comprising of over 207 electric users organizations from 47 districts in Nepal . The members share a common vision to achieve sustainable socio-economic development in community based rural electrification areas through rural electrifica...

Apart from general household purposes, electrical energy can be used for running small and middle scale industries, factories, hotels, hospitals, tailors, tools, machineries and for many other income generating activities. This type of use is called “Productive Use (PU) of Electricity”. A general approach to define PU of electricity can be-“agricultural, commercial and indust
1Policy Influencing for Developing Gender Equality in RE Distribution of Posters NACEUN has published posters distributed among a wider mass creating a general consensus on gender equality issue.Annex_B_poster_cepa_NACEUNNACEUN has published posters and pamphlets and distributed in the local level. More of those materials were distributed dur