livelihood enhancement
through rural electrification
1,11,344 Households electrified: 50000 more
after the completion of pipeline projects.
Achieving sustainable development
through community based rural electrification.

Who we are

The National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal, (NACEUN) is a national federation of Community Electricity User Groups. Since its establishment in 2005 under the NGO registration act, NACEUN has grown into a strong network comprising of over 249 Community Rural Electric Entities (CREE) from 49 districts in Nepal . The members share a common vision to achieve sustainable socio-economic development in community based rural electrification areas through rural...

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Productive Use

Productive use (PU) of electricity refers any activities carried out by the utilization of electrical energy for income/employment generating purposes. A general approach to define PU of electricity can be-“agricultural, commercial and industrial activities involving electricity as a direct input to the production of goods or provision of services”. The Project-"Promoti