Institutional Structure

The Board members headed by the Chairman governs the organization. Other members, professionals and supporting staff, assist the Chairman according to the guidelines and policy decided by the Board.

The executive committee comprises 27 members including a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and members representing 7 provinces. To form a district committee, at least 5 organizations working in community electricity sector in a district must be a member of association. So far 6 provincial chapters and 17 district chapters have been established.

The association’s working team is composed of experienced as well as competent, qualified, energetic youths with expertise in a various related specialized field for planning, design, implementation, and operation & maintenance of community rural electrification and energy-related projects. These professionals provide and ensure quality services and products according to the need of the domestic and foreign clients.

The organization also maintains a roster of qualified experienced individual specialists for providing specialized services.