National Association of Community Electricity Users’ Nepal, NACEUN, Ajummery Bikash Foundation, ABF and Radio Sagarmatha have jointly partnered to work together on Market-led Promotion of Electric Cooking in Community Electrification Areas. The campaign paper of which was launched on 25th January 2019 in gracious presence of Honorable minister Mr. Barshaman Pun ‘Ananta’, Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation and Mr. Kulman Ghising, Managing Director, Nepal Electricity Authority.

The Campaign aims to contribute towards people’s well-being by eliminating indoor air pollution through the promotion of energy efficient electric cooking in CREE areas. This directly contributes to the Government’s drive to promote ‘electric stove for all households’ stimulated through the White Paper, and to realize the Government’s commitment to ensure access to clean cooking solutions for all by 2022. It also contributes to energy security of the country.

The Campaign is designed to promote electric cooking in 3,000 or more households in 10 pioneer CREEs in the first year (2019). In the second year (2020), 50 CREEs will be engaged in promoting electric cooking in 15,000+ households. By the fifth year (2023), all electrified CREEs will be engaged in promoting electric cooking in 150,000 or more households. CREEs are serving more than 500,000 households (i.e. ~ 2.5 million population) as of now. Depending upon availability of support from various agencies, these numbers could go up.

The Campaign aims to coordinate and work with a wide range of stakeholders including Government agencies, private sector, civil society, financial institutions, academic institutions as well as development partners. The Campaign believes that a market-led approach can ensure access of the households to quality and efficient electric cooking products at just prices.