“Promotion of Productive Use of Electricity in Community Rural Electrification Entities of Nepal”

Introduction of PU project

“Promotion of Productive Use of Electricity in Community Rural Electrification Entities of Nepal” is GIZ/EnDev supported project which is implemented by NACEUN  in cooperation with HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation.  NACEUN focuses on capacity building of CREEs while HELVETAS provides its capacity building support to the ESPs.

Project area

 Project Area

Project area includes three CREEs in Syangja district, namely:

Samudaik Gramin Urja Bikas Karya Samuha,

Samudaik Sewa Kendra Jilla Samanwaya Samiti, and

Okobara Samudaik Vidhyut Upabhokta Samiti; and one CREE in Banke district, namely:

Gramin Samudaik Bikas Sanstha, Naubasta.

Major activities

 CREE Business and Strategy Plan Workshop

“CREE Business and Strategy Plan Workshop” is conducted for CREEs Committee Members to make them aware about their current situation and on this basis to prepare their strategy plan and business plan.

Basically this is a four to six days workshop where the CREE executives are trained on the process of making their CREE’s business plan. The business plan of the CREE basically include:

a. Background of the CREE

b. Consumers’ Status, Working Area, CREE structures, etc.

c. Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (VMGO)

d. Situation Analysis

e. SWOT Analysis (Strengh, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)

f. Strategy planning

g. Income and Expenditure Analysis

h. Break Even Analysis

i. Annual Action Plan


CREE Business and Strategy Plan Workshop in Sundarijal, Kathmandu Participants preparing business plan of their CREE.


PU Manual

PU manual is a tool which will be very much useful for those CREEs who wants to promote PU in their areas. For Capacity building of CREEs and ESPs through transformation of enterprise development expertise and to facilitate Micro Enterprise Development at local level, PU manual has been prepared. This manual is the reference document for CREEs and will help them to promote productive use activities within their service area.

Formation of PU facilitator team

PU facilitation team is a dedicated team formed by CREE for effective implementation of PU project’s activities within their service area. Members of the team mainly include the dedicated person commonly known as “PU Facilitator” who may be from the CREEs executive committee or may be from staffs and consumers. Depending upon the need the team may consists of PU Facilitator, Technical Facilitator and Entrepreneurship Development Facilitator.

IEC Materials

Information Education and Communication materials are one of the best tools for promotional activity. Realizing this fact, development and dissemination of IEC material was one of the major activities of this project. Under this project five types of IEC materials i.e., flip chart, song, posters, pamphlets and flex sheets were developed and dissemination was carried out through different programme in local level.


Pamphlet was one of the simple form of IEC material prepared under this project consisting of mainly importance of productive use of electricity along with some examples of productive use of electricity.


Poster was another form of IEC material  used for spreading awareness in community regarding PU which contained  various examples of productive use of electricity.


As flex is very effective tool for awareness creation, it has been used in CREEs to explain about the facilities available in CREE for existing and potential entrepreneurs.

Flip Chart

Flip Chart is also an effective tool to raise awareness in community.  The flip chart we prepared for promotion of productive use of electricity basically describes how to initiate a business? What is the process to get incentive from CREE?


Song could be a very good tool to attract people and make them listen. So we have also prepared a song which is based on folk music with very beautiful lyrics explaining importance of PU and its benefit.

You can listen this song here

..\IEC Materials\Song\Bijuli Song-final\Bijuli song 44 song final.wav

Radio Program

Local radio/FM is also a very good tool for rising awareness about productive use of electricity. Hence with an aim to raise awareness on productive use of electricity, half an hour radio program has been broadcasting from Syangja FM in Syangja District on weekly basis on every Sunday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

CREE Exposure Visit

CREE exposure visit was carried out with an aim to create common plat form for selected CREEs to learn about the productive use activities. For this purpose, members from project focused four CREEs were taken to one CREE of Rupandehi and two CREEs of Gulmi district. Five days CREE Exposure visit was conducted from 26th December, 2013 to 30th December, 2013. The Exposure visit was conducted to expose CREE people to best practices of other CREEs on productive use of electricity and enterprise promotion.

List of CREEs visited by the team.

S. No.

Name of CREE




Pragati Nagar Rupandehi


Darbar Devisthan Gulmi


Baletaksar Gulmi


Participants of CREE exposure visit Participants of CREE exposure visit are exploring about water lifting for drinking purpose.

Trade fare

To enhance the ideas on business based on productive use of electricity within CREE service area, three days exposure visit was also organized for CREEs and ESPs during trade fair from 23rd to 25th January, 2014. Altogether 19 participants were present in exposure visit. In the visit the participants observed various stalls and products and get knowledge about types of enterprises.


Facilitation training for PU facilitators team

In order to provide facilitation skill and general knowledge on contents and dissemination approach of IEC material, a two days event named “Facilitation Training” for PU facilitators’ team was conducted during 11th and 12th March, 2014 in Sundarijal, Kathmandu. There were altogether 12 participants, 3 from each CREE.

Participants of Facilitation Training for PU Facilitators

 Training and orientation to CREE on conversion of NGO to cooperatives

One day orientation programme on basic concept of cooperative promotion and development was organized in all 4 CREEs. The orientation was focused on converting CREEs from NGO to Cooperative and to enable CREEs for business activities including saving and credit service. Main topics discussed during orientation was cooperative act, regulation, constitution format, membership, share capital, registration process, scope, changing agreement with NEA on conversion from NGO to cooperative. Orientation was facilitated by NACEUN’s executive and one resource person from cooperative.

Planning and Review workshop

Planning and review workshop was conducted in 3 CREEs of Syangja district. In this workshop annual action plan was reviewed and analysis of CREE’s resource was carried out. Further, depending on this analysis, CREEs planning for productive use activities was done.

Planning and Review workshop in Jilla Samannoye Planning and Review workshop in Okobara