“Capacity Enhancement of Community Rural Electric Entities – CECREE”

Introduction of project

This project “Capacity Enhancement of Community Rural Electric Entities – CECREE” is GIZ supported project. The project aims to improve Community Rural Electric Entity’s (CREE) capability to operate their community electricity supply sustainably.


Project area

 This project was launched within the GIZ supported 49 CREEs from 19 districts of Nepal. CREES with associated districts are listed below
S. No. District CREE
1 Palpa Kachal Samudayek Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti, Palpa
Rigneraha Purbakhola Samudaik Vidyut Vitarak Sanstha
BhuwanPokhari Vidyut Bitarak Sanstha







Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti, Balakot
Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti, Phalamkhani
Gramin Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
Paiyun Chetra Samudaik Vidyutikaran Upabhokta Samiti
Bahaki Thati Gramin Samudaik Upabhokta Samiti
Ranipani Gramin Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
Gramin Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
3 Khotang Samudaik Gramin Vidyutikaran  Kendra
Deep Jyoti Gramin Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha
Haleshi Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha
4 Kavre


Gaun Samaj Vidyutikaran  Bikaska Lagi Samuhik Abhiyan
Bhumi Chuli Mangaltar Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha
5 Udaypur Thoksila Krishi Tatha Gramin Vidyutikaran Kendra
6 Dadeldhura Siddhanath Samudaik Gramin Vidyutikaran Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.
7 Lamjung


Pachgaun Samudayik Vidhut Upavokta Samiti
Rainas Mohoriyakot Kshetra Upabhokta Samiti
8 Dhading


Maidi Gramin Vidyut Sahakari  Sanstha
Malika Samudaik Vidyut Sahakari
9 Gorkha


Gramin Samudayek Adhyaan Kendra, Arupokhari
Ghyampesal Samudaik Bikash Kendra
10 Jhapa


Parijat Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.
Sana Kisan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.
11 Gulmi Rudrawati Gramin Vidhyut Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.
Wami Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Hastichour Samudaik Gramin Vidhyut Up samiti
Ghamir Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samuha
Palukha Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Juniya Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Bharse Gramin Vikas Sahakari Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
12 Bake Gramin Samudaik Bikas Sanstha
13 Syangja Samudayek Sewa Kendra Jilla Samanwaya Samitee
Manakamana Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Okobara Samudaik  Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
Samudaik Gramin Urja Bikas Karya Samuha
Machisekya Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
14 Argakhanchi Jan Prakash Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Shree Adguri VDC Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
15 Baglung


Hugdisir Dhullubaskot Sahakari Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
Damek Sahakari Gramin Vidyut Upabhokta Samitee
16 Tanahu


TrishaktiSamudaik vidhyut Samiti
Gramin Purbadhar tatha batawaran bikash Manch
17 Ramechap Kisan Jagaran Samuha
18 Dang Ranighat Samudaik Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha
Patkhauli Samudaik Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha
19 Nawalparasi Sardi Gramin Vidyut Sahakari Sanstha


Major activities

 Verification Visit to CREEs

Verification study HHo was done in two levels: one CREE level verification and next House Hold (HH) level verification. Objective of CREE level verification was to access the overall management of CREE while objective of HH level verification was to verify the actually connected house hold, find out the energy consumption pattern of household and to access the quality of service provided by CREE.

In this project verification study was carried out in six different CREEs in four districts as listed below:-

District CREE
Palpa Kachal Samudaik Gramin Vidyut Sanstha
Parbat Paiyun Chetra Samudaik Vidyutikaran Upabhokta Samiti,
Parbat Bahaki Thati Gramin Samudaik Upabhokta Samiti
Parbat Ranipani Gramin Samudaik Vidyut Upabhokta Samiti
Dadeldhura SiddhanathSamudaikGraminVidyutikaranSahakariSanstha Ltd.
Tanahu GraminPurbadharTathaBatabaranBikashManch




Safety Awareness Campaign

This programme was designed to create awareness about the electrical safety and energy efficiency to the consumers of CREEs. Safety proframme was one of the events of verification visit programme and at least one event was conducted in each CREEs where verification study was carried out. Flex sheet and posters were used in the programme and most of events were conducted in local schools.

PHOTO of Safety Programme

Trainings (of electrified CREE staff to enhance operation)

Training on Basic Electrical distribution system of CREEs

This training was dedicated to the currently working technical staff of CREEs. Main objective of the training was to enhance the technical capability of CREEs technician mainly on operation and maintenance of low voltage electricity distribution system. Within this project two such technical training was conducted one in training hall of agriculture development bank  Mangalapu, Rupandehi and another one was conducted in training hall of Local Development Training Academy Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Each training was a seven days package with three days theory portion, three days practical and revision session in last day. The major contents of the training will be different components of distribution system, their repair and maintenance, quality check, scheduled maintenance, safety issues, etc.


Training on Accounting and Administrative Management

The main idea was to conduct Accounting and Administrative Management Training to make the CREE more sustainable. In this project two such trainings was conducted; one in Mangalapur, Rupandehi and the next one in Lumle, Kaski. Each Training were five days package in which major focus was on accounting, procurement, inventory management, Accounting Principle,  Bookkeeping and Double entry System, Journal, Voucher,  Ledger,  Trial balance , Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement.

Photo of Accounting Training


Training on Organizational Managemen

This event was targeted to the CREEs executives and was aimed to raise the organization management level of the participants. Two such trainings; one in Rupandehi and one in Lumle, Pokhara was conducted. This was a five days package in which major contents were: organizational management basic concept, policy formulation process, legal procedures, Annual General Meeting concept and importance, membership, and registration of CREEs.

Photo of Organizational management training

Preparation of technical training manual

Training manuals is prepared for effective training on basic electrical distribution system of CREE. NACEUN has been delivering trainings on electrical distribution, in the past also, but the content of the training were decided for each training each time, hence a standard training format was not maintained in its every training. For each of its training NACEUN designed its training content and accordingly prepared for and conducted the training classes. Due to the lack of a standard training manual, delivery of training varied; every time content and delivery differed were used. Hence, a training manual when prepared will ensure the consistency of training deliverables each time training is conducted. The training manual will contain details about the training session, schedule, subject, objectives, procedures, activities, deliverables, review, comprehension, and session evaluation.

Exposure Visit

A seminar tour was organized for CREE management in order to learn from each other. The board member or a staff who was responsible for daily management of CREEs was provided exposure to best practices of CREEs on technical requirements of distribution system, operation and management and future planning. The participants of exposure visit have had observation of CREEs activities, daily operation and management modality, service system, revenue collection and payment, measures to minimize the technical losses, financial management modality, human resource and economic activities if any, interaction meeting with board members/executives of the board of CREEs on issues and challenges they have faced and how they can overcome with those issues and challenges, their linkage and coordination for accelerating rural electrification and also accessing local resources.  Following CREEs were visited for this purpose
1)      Samudayik Gramin Vidhyut Sahakari Sanstha, Sankarpur, Sarlahi;

2)      Gramin Samaj Sewa Kendra, Dhanusa


Photo of Exposure Visit



Monitoring of CREEs work progress


GIZ has provided financial assistance to 49 CREEs and they are in different stage of work. Some CREEs are already electrified and some are in the preliminary stage of work. Hence the monitoring of these CREEs is envisaged to know the exact status of work and to be aware with the speed of work as stipulated. Monitoring of CREEs include the construction status in the under construction CREE and the connection status in the electrified CREEs.

This component has been emphasizing on facilitating CREEs in accelerating rural electrification activities at the community level with special reference to removing any obstacles that may have existed between Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), contractor, CREE and other stakeholders. Coordination, follow-ups and monitoring of electrification process will be carried out for accelerating the electrification and to eliminate the blockage.

Workshop on Speeding up electrification work of CREE

As a part of speeding up the electrification process, one regional level workshop was conducted in Pokhara. This workshop was a two day session, with one day dedicated towards identifying  issues related to CREE work progress  assessment, in which each CREE facing  hindrances in project  implementation was discussed and their proposed solutions towards solving it. This workshop gave these CREE a platform to put forward their problems and issues in front of the related persons from NACEUN, NEA, and responsible contractor, also gave them an opportunity to learn from each other. The work shop included NEA representative, NACEUN representatives, contractors and those CREEs among the 49 CREES supported by GIZ that have not been yet electrified due to some problems.  NACEUN’s role was to lobby for addressing the issues and eliminating hindrances, thus giving a pace to the electrification work.

Photo of Workshop

Media Programme on Community Rural Electrification programme

Regional level media program; Media Capacity Building Training on Rural Electrification was one of the activity designed under Speeding up electrification process.  This training was organized on 25th-26th February, 2014 in Pokhara.  Although the electrification approach through community rural electrification entity is popular mechanism of electrification in Nepal, this sector has not been properly raised in media sector.  This regional level program was conducted in order to familiarize media sector about the concept, Issues, problems, opportunities and challenges related to rural electrification. A total of sixteen media workers from eight districts: Lamjung, Tanahu, Kaski, Palpa, Syangja, Parbat, Baglung and Gulmi were called for the training.

Photo of Media Programme


Repayment fund and further utilization

Photo of Repayment fund