Lobbying and Advocacy at National level for policy & program based on consumer familiar rural electrification.


NACEUN advocates for electricity users’ rights by engaging deliberations on electricity-related policies, lobbying members of Parliament and local government officials, educating the media, policy-makers, and politicians about community electricity, and promoting more effective policies and implementation.

The slow pace in past rural electrification work to sufficiently ameliorate the rural electrification situation of the lower strata of the society living below the poverty line is a well known fact. With a fact in view that the past work could not sufficiently improve RE extension, NACEUN envisage to develop and implement programmes that address the issues and problems for sustainable rural electrification.

NACEUN acts as a liaison between member organizations and CRED/NEA, contractors and developing agencies to create an atmosphere for development

NACEUN intends to develop programs with target of capacity building and increasing employment within member organizations .