our Vision

“Accessible community electricity for equitable society”.


NACEUN has an objective to play a key role to promote sustainable rural electrification programs through the empowerment of rural community electricity users and user’s organizations, as well as enhancement of their capacity for  productive end use of electricity.

Its specific objectives are as follows:


  • To develop a mechanism to establish co-operation, co-ordination and sharing of experiences among the electricity users’ organizations and international government and non-government organizations.
  • To strengthen the capacity of community electricity entities in terms of their economic, technical, gender equality and institutional parameters and hence promote employment opportunities.
  • To conserve environment while launching community rural electrification activities.
  • To conduct study and research activities, make available expert services for the sustainability of Rural Electrification Programs and also to promote hydro power generation, distribution and encourage energy conservation.
  • To assist for making available reliable and affordable electricity to al Nepalese people.
  • To enhance education and social welfare of the members of the association.
  • To conduct user oriented advocacy programs and produce and disseminate educational materials.