4 steps

Four Steps a CREE should go for PU Promotion!

1.      Raising Attention:

It is all about realizing what PUE promotion is: Being aware about the benefits that PUE brings to the CREE and the community! It is the initial stage where one realizes the importance of PUE promotion.

2.      Business Improvement Plan:

A CREE should know whether it is the right time to get PUE promotion or even find out to what extend the CREE should go for it. In order to develop a business strategy addressing PUE promotion, the CREE should prepare a business plan. They may take help of experts from NACEUN and if possible local consultants. From the business plan, a CREE will know its financial status better.

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3.      Facilitation:

A CREE can organize a workshop to identify the capacity of its personnel and motivate them for PUE promotion. Then a team shall be formed called “PUE Facilitation Team” which will learn how to find PUE costumers and to motivate them by the use of IEC (Information, Education, Communication) materials.

4.      Communication and Implementation

This is where PU promotion starts where the facilitators will be involved in creating general awareness by using IEC materials like posters, brochures, flex sheets and utilize further means like a radio program, PUE song or interview of PUE related person.

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Flex sheets